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Using the I Ching for Individual & Collective Guidance

Using the I Ching for Individual & Collective Guidance

A Fundraiser for Emily's List

Friday, September 7th - 9-11am

with Satya Doyle Byock

hosted at The Nightwood Society

The world is changing, and we are changing with it. We are not just improving bits and pieces of our lifestyles to catch-up with (or counteract) the changes in culture and politics. No. This is a revolution. Psychologically. Culturally. Globally. Locally. Something is happening.

How do you stay clear on your particular, individual response? How do you orient to these extraordinary times? How do you find your own path through?

Whether you are tackling white supremacy, gun violence, xenophobic nationalism, global warming, environmental destruction, rampant sexual abuse... you are also tackling patriarchy: "a social system in which males hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property." Patriarchy is also the fundamental elevation of yang values, over yin values, of action and consumption over pleasure, being, and being with.

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In this gathering, we will attend to the re-elevation and respect of the Yin through consultation with the I Ching, an ancient Chinese and Taoist text that does not distinguish in value between the yin and yang. The goal is wholeness and balance at all times, advising on ways to engage -- or not -- with social and personal changes.

Together, we will also attend to the result of diminished respect for the yin, through the humans upon whom the de-valued yin is primarily projected: women. We'll do this by helping to disrupt patriarchy's systematic exclusion of women from leadership and power through our donations to Emily's Listan effective national organization devoted to supporting the political campaigns of Democratic, pro-choice women at all levels of government. They need our support this year more than ever.

Bring your journal and your copy of the I Ching (if you have one). There will be short introduction on how to use the I Ching and then space to engage in personal consultations with the oracle, and group discussion and personal feedback.

  • Date/Time: Friday, September 7th, 9-11am
  • Recommended text: The I Ching R.L. Wing translation preferred for beginners.
  • Cost: Donation based - Suggested: $20-$200 -- all amounts accepted!
  • Location: The Nightwood Society - 2218 NE BROADWAY ST, PORTLAND, OR 97232
  • Bring:
    • Copy of I Ching (if you have one)
    • Journal and pen
    • Three pennies
    • Donation for Emily's List
    • A friend or two

We have moved locations for this event in order to acomodate the level of interest! Please RSVP below -- all people on the prior waitlist have been notified of space.