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Marie-Louise von Franz on the Inferior Function

Marie-Louise von Franz on the Inferior Function

March 30th & April 6th


with Satya Doyle Byock, MA, LPC

Marie-Louise von Franz (artist unknown)

Marie-Louise von Franz (artist unknown)

"The inferior function is the door through which all the figures of the unconscious come into consciousness." - Marie-Louise von Franz, Jung's Typology

Prior to this seminar, registrants will take two different typological tests, one of which is free (MBTI), the other costs $25 -- provided to you through my certification with the Singer-Loomis organization (SLTDI).

This will be a very personal course, allowing space for deep self-reflection and creative learning. We'll just have two sessions, so we'll scratch the surface on Jung's typology, the development of which followed his dive into the unconscious captured in The Red Book. We'll do so through the work of his closest colleague, Marie-Louise von Franz. We'll focus on the notion of the “inferior function." Getting familiar with our most inferior function can help to understand what aspects of the world can be hard for us, and what we project onto others; it can also help us see our most potent areas of creative and insightful growth. 

We also will have recommended reading, as we'll be drawing from the work of Marie-Louise von Franz, and a variety of different books in which she discusses the inferior function. Books shared with those who register / or hand-outs will be provided.

  • Dates: Friday mornings, 9:30-11:30am - March 30th & April 6th
  • Cost: $50 + $25 for typology test.
  • Location: Inner NE Portland, address provided to registrants
  • Materials: I will share links for the typology tests once we get official sign-ups, and links to recommended reading.

*Sold Out* Thank you!

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