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Fanny Brewster on the Racial Complex

Fanny Brewster on the Racial Complex 

Friday morning workshop

November 9th, 9am-noon


We're so glad to have Jungian analyst, writer, and professor Dr. Fanny Brewster back with us to explore topics too rarely discussed within Jungian Psychology: race, the history of racism, and the “racial complex.”

In this lecture/workshop we will dive into the topic of complexes -- an idea core to Jung's entire psychology, which he originally named  "Complex Psychology." Through Dr. Brewster’s scholarship, we will focus on understanding the racial complex.

When Jung first spoke about African Americans in his 1930’s writings, particularly in The Complications of American Psychology, he referred to “a white complex” and “a Negro complex.” Dr. Brewster inquires: What exactly is our racial complex? What is the relationship between this particular complex and dissociation—the disconnection between the ego and the Self? 

In this workshop, we’ll explore these questions from an intellectual lens as well as a personal one. We’ll dive into the history of classical Jungian psychology, as well as the concepts that apply directly to our own lives. What are our racial complexes? How do they live within us? How do they exist within the societies we inhabit?

  • Date: November 9th, 2018, Friday morning, 9am-noon

  • Location: Inner NE Portland, address provided to registrants

  • Cost: $65 for intimate three hour workshop*

    • (Small discount provided to participants in current Neumann/Jung workshop).

Dr. Fanny Brewster is a Jungian analyst and author of poetry and nonfiction. Her book Archetypal Grief: Slavery’s Legacy of Intergenerational Child Loss (2018) was recently published by Routledge, joining her book African Americans and Jungian Psychology: Leaving the Shadows (Routledge, 2017). Her poems from Journey: The Middle Passage have appeared in the Psychological Perspectives Journal (2016) in which she was Featured Poet. Dr. Brewster is a Professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute and a member of the Philadelphia Association of Jungian Analysts. She is a lecturer and workshop presenter on Dreamwork, Culture and Creative Writing.

*Sold Out - Thank you*