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"A New Ethic": Morality and Consciousness in Modern Times

*Two Sundays* - January 15th & January 22nd, 10am-12:30pm  

with Satya Doyle Byock, MA, LPC

The problem of evil is one of the most central problems of modern man. No appeal to old values and ideals can shield us from the recognition that we live in a world in which evil in man is emerging from the depths on a gigantic scale and confronting us all, without exception, with the question: ‘How are we to deal with this evil.’
— Erich Neumann, "Depth Psychology and a New Ethic"

Following WWII, the Jewish Jungian Analyst Erich Neumann wrote a critical meditation on morality and ethics and what is psychologically required of people in this new era. In his book "Depth Psychology and a New Ethic", he explores the questions that millions are still asking today: how can I truly contribute to the world? How can I balance my personal goals with those of an equitable planet? 

His contemplations deserve widespread attention. In this seminar, we'll explore this work together, alongside Carl Jung's reflections on the topic that influenced Neumann. 

Date: Sundays, Jan 15th & 22nd, 10am-12:30pm
Cost: $40 suggested donation
Location: TBA, close-in PDX
Materials: Your own copy of the book (purchase soon!) and something to write on.