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Lilith: Midrash, Mythology, and Astrology

She is the woman who preceded Eve and refused to be second.

But who is Lilith? Is she only the dark mythological demonic figure of Babylon? Why did early rabbis borrow this mythology of their captivity to solve the scriptural inconsistencies of Genesis 1 and 2 of the Old Testament?

How did the dark feminine get coopted in this early midrash, the attempt to unravel two stories of the creation of male and female? How can Lilith's refusal to be second – enunciated in the Talmud and the Alphabet of Ben Sira – be understood in the context of modern gender relations?

And what can astrology say about how any individual wrestles with being placed Second, or Other?

WHEN: Saturday, April 29th, 5pm-6:30pm
WHERE: 3517 SW Santa Monica Court, Portland 97221
COST: $25 suggested donation

*Sold Out*